Therapy Across Borders

I recently took a trip to Central Europe. Wow! What a beautiful place to be. My wife and I went to Budapest, Hungary and several other countries. Talk about a therapeutic journey! I still can’t get over the beautiful buildings, rivers and parks. We had a great time trying different foods, trying to speak the languages and participating in the local attractions and events. While I was there we met with a local therapist, Ildiko. It was interesting to talk with her about her therapy practice and what the people are like in this country. She mentioned that she does a lot of therapy by walking with clients through the forest by her office and that the power of nature helps heal her clients. As a therapist in Provo, Utah, I have found that there is something powerful about nature here as well. Being in the mountains, hiking through the forests or desert or being around the rivers or lakes can bring immense peace and healing in life. There seemed to be so many similarities between what her clients need and what mine need. It really spoke to me of the common needs that all people have, whether they are in Budapest, Hungary or the United States. People crave connection with others. People want to feel loved and appreciated and take care of. This therapist and I are doing the same work 6000 miles apart from each other. In a post-communist country, the needs of these people are just the same as the people in Utah County. They need each other.

Dr. Triston Morgan, LMFT

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