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I began providing therapy in 2002. I am licensed as a marriage and family therapist (# 6176948-3902) in the state of Utah. I have worked as a therapist in different settings including drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics, community therapy centers, wilderness therapy and residential programs for adolescents.

My experience as a therapist has taught me that success in relationships and our lives take deliberate and consistent effort – and often professional therapeutic help. I believe that commitment and humility are at the heart of every successful happy person and relationship. When we are committed to someone or something we have an unwavering determination. This drives us and keeps us true to those we love. Commitment alone, however, is not enough. It simply keeps us around when things get difficult. We also have to be humble, or soft enough to learn how to treat others in the way they need it. We learn to build successful relationships and lives by looking outside ourselves and perhaps learning new skills. Our relationships with others are always changing and therefore need constant attention and work.

I love my beautiful wife Cristina and love spending time with her. I am originally from Oregon.

Owner and director of the Center for Couples and Families, a Utah County Counseling Center with 3 locations:


American Fork Center for Couples and Families

Provo Center for Couples and Families

Spanish Fork Center for Couples and Families



Executive Editor for the Utah Valley Health and Wellness magazine.


Utah Valley Health and Wellness Magazine



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