Spring Into Shape! – by Travis Lott

Spring is a great season, for many reasons. Growing up, my family was always excited for the warmer weather because it meant outdoor sports and swim parties at Grandma’s house! For the younger crowd, this is pretty exciting. For others, it can be terrifying. Especially those of us who have avoided exercise and developed unhealthy habits during the winter. When spring rolls around, we feel very self-conscious, and often avoid getting back on track.

So what should you do? Is it too late to get into decent shape? No way! Anyone can make progress if they put their mind to it. Many of us are procrastinators. How many of us cram in a few days worth of studying before a big test when we know we should’ve put in at least a week? There are many scenarios where we do this: school, church, work, and of course, fitness. Losing a few pounds or putting on some muscle does take effort, but when push comes to shove, I believe most people are capable of getting it done. So let’s do it! Here are three steps to help you “spring” into shape!

Step 1: Get outside, and get moving! Grab your kids, friend, spouse, push the baby in a stroller… (read more)

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