The Raw Truth About the Foods We Eat – Wendy Thueson, Certified Chef, Raw Food Coach, Master Herbalist

Gardening-864x510Suicide was a last resort in my mind. Just thinking of the heartache I would cause my husband and four children was enough for me not to go further; but I was desperate to escape the misery and debilitating pain I experienced on a daily basis. Constant neck and back pain, twenty eight years of chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, Grave’s Disease, brain fog, stuttering, depression and many other symptoms plagued my body and mind. I felt like I was dying.

“Please God”, I begged. “Just put me out of my misery.” I sobbed uncontrollably.

Then a thought entered my mind, “Wendy, it’s not your time yet. Go to the computer and look up nutrition.”

I suspected nutrition as the underlying cause of my problems but couldn’t find the help I needed anywhere I looked. Taking my health into my own hands, I began an intense search for answers. Eventually the path led to raw food.

Eating simple meals like large salads with plenty of vegetables, fruit, green smoothies, and soaked nuts became my new routine. I remember waking up on the second day at 6:00 am with energy I’d never known and within one week, my symptoms were gone.

Removing meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, breads, and processed foods out of my diet was the best thing I ever did. I learned that these foods create inflammation in the body and make us tired. Enzymes are used to digest our food and for proper function of every system in the body. They are destroyed at heats over about 120 degrees F. For this reason, food cooked at high heats, which is most fast and processed foods, are void of life. The body then has to take from its enzyme reserve for digestion, which causes fatigue after a meal. Eating live, uncooked plants, however, gives us many needed enzymes resulting in more energy after a meal. This is what I was experiencing and it felt amazing.

Lasagna, wraps, spring rolls, and smoothies are just a few of the meals I created as well as delicious desserts like chocolate brownies, cakes, and puddings, all made from uncooked fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds. I eat a high raw food diet year around. This helps me maintain amazing energy and a high quality of life…(read the rest of the story)

Originally published by Utah Valley Health and Wellness

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