Pornography Use Treatment

Pornography has been called the ‘New Drug’, and rightfully so. Groups like Fight the New Drug have been working tirelessly to education people about the harmful effects of pornography. You might not need to read up on the latest research to know how damaging and painful it can be – whether it’s a personal struggle with pornography or your loved one who is using it.


Pornography use is often accompanied by shame. Shame is damaging. Guilt, on the other hand, is healthy. We need guilt, but don’t have to seek it out – it finds us. Guilt lets us know that we are doing something that is damaging to our body or soul. Guilt would say that, “I made a mistake, but I am still a good person’, Shame would say, “I made a mistake and therefore I am a bad person’. As a shame-based experience, pornography use goes beyond the physical act of using. It impacts our relationships, our ability to experience emotions in a healthy manner, our view and empathy towards others, and so much more.


What if you know that its unhealthy, but can’t seem to stop? Know that there is help. There are those around you that want to be there for you and would do anything to help. Depending on the severity of the pornography use, treatment is recommended. Without the aid of a professional, the road to recovery is difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. My colleagues at the Center for Couples and Families often work with cases such as these.


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