Postpartum Depression

My wife and I had our first child 8 months ago. He’s awesome…and difficult. The adjustment to having children can be a major struggle for parents. Changing routines, sleep deprivation, life style alterations and the loss of certain coping strategies are among the difficulties during this time. As a testimony to this, its 1:55am as I’m writing this blog because our little one is awake! – It’s my wife’s turn to try and get him down.

Many in our community have suffered devastating consequences from this adjustment. You have probably heard of The Emily Effect. Postpartum Depression is a real and often unseen reality for many. Knowing how powerful it can be, understanding how to recognize it and respond is crucial. Withdrawal, anger, weight gain/loss, anxiety, guild, loss of interest, loss of appetite, difficulty bonding with baby, crying or irritability, insomnia, depression, fear, mood swings, panic attacks, lack of concentration or unwanted thoughts – to name several.

If you suspect that this might be happening to you or a loved one, remember that you are not alone. Speak out and speak up. There is no shame in feeling these things. Loving family and sometimes professional help will get you though.

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