Depression is something that everyone experiences in their life time. There are a few different types of depression that are important to understand. Depression can be situational or more chronic and long lasting. Depression can come after the birth of a child for both the mother and the father. Depression that lasts for longer than a certain situation and is debilitating in life is often treated with traditional talk therapy and medication. Using both medication and counseling together will help you deal and cope in a healthy manner. I often have clients who come to therapy who refuse to use medications. I have a nurse practitioner colleague who tells me that she has clients come to use medications but often don’t want to participate in counseling.

When dealing with depression know that there is a way to make it better and to cope. Know that just because you are experiencing sadness or loneliness it doesn’t mean that you are bad or that you have done something wrong. Reach out to loved ones and possibly (if warranted) reach out to trained professionals. They can assess your situation and help you find the solutions that fit for you.

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